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workflows for your team

We're changing the way teams document, build, and automate important workflows. Efficient, consistent, and precise, our modular workflow platform introduces a new way to define and deliver complex workflows with ease.

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A better approach

Find new ways to automate workflows that you never thought possible.

Creatively build, don’t break.
Confidently assemble mission critical workflows without worrying about accidents happening.
Not an engineer, not a problem.
Enable non-technical team members to deliver powerful outcomes increasing your teams leverage.
Valid input at every step.
Conditions ensure appropriate fields are visible, editable, and contain valid input for each step.
Simplify complex workflows.
Visually manage multiple steps and decision points with ease.
Keep knowledge contained.
Stay organized and avoid knowledge leaving with team members.
Answers built in.
Self-documenting steps help keep track of what's happening.

Boost your team's productivity.

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We will only use your email to let you know about Flowmap AI.